Waiting for Superman

By jspence on December 21st, 2011

Ok. Ok. …I know I’m late, and must be the last educator in the world to have seen “Waiting for Superman”.  Many who know me and my theory on education, would have assumed that I would have been the first  in the theatre. One would have assumed that I would just waiting for it to appear in stores so I could add it to my collection of media that references the needs and issues regarding public education. However, those people would assume too much. I purposely decided to wait on viewing this documentary. One reason I decided to wait was that it recieved a great amount of hype, both within educational circles and without. And whenever something gets that much attention, I am usually overally critical in measuring its worth. I also waited for the purpase of wanting to get the first half of my new administration postion under my belt; this way I would have a different frame of reference by which to analyze the documentary.

So on my winter holiday break I find myself scrolling through Netflix titles; and I come across “Waiting for Superman”.  I think …”Hey I have a few hours….what better time”.  To make a long blog short; my eyes never left the screen. Not to use the bathroom, not to grab a sandwich, not even to take my shoes off as I lay across the bed(Don’t tell my wife…lol). But only to plug in the AC adapter for my IPad charger which was running down on power as I watched the movie on its clear screen.  By the end of the documentary, I was exhibiting a range of emotions: tears flowing while a smile was on my face. I won’t go into great detail about the documentary, but I do suggest every citizen of this great country watch the movie, and then watch it again, and then sit down to watch it with your school-aged children. I enjoyed that the documentary was full of facts and statistics, while also appealing to the emotions with personal accounts of families seeking the best possible educational experience. The documentary forced me to look at ways I can improve my educational practices. Conclusively, I give the documentary two thumbs up!!! Don’t be a procrastinator like me; watch the movie, reflect, and create a plan of  action on how you will help turn around public education.